Citizenship by Investment in Malta

Malta’s Individual Investor Program (IIP) is among the most successful and well publicized Citizenship by Investment Programs offered in the European Union

Investors and their immediate families can obtain citizenship in a little over a year through a combination of a government contribution of at least €650,000, an investment in Maltese securities, and a real estate transaction.

What makes this program unique is the strength of the Maltese Citizenship; Malta is a well-respected member of the European Union and the Commonwealth, and citizens are afforded the right to travel visa-free to over 165 countries including the United States and Canada.

Residents can also reside and settle anywhere in the EU. When it comes to the application, investors can include children under the age of 26, along with economically dependent parents on either side of the family.

Sununu offers a full-service solution which includes providing legal advice, assistance with the selection of property and securities, and financing that is secured by the assets acquired. Contact us to learn more about Malta’s Individual Investor Program (IIP) today.

Malta citizenship mobility map: Primary residence in Malta, Right to settle in the European Union, and Visa-free travel to many other countries.

Malta programrequirementsat a glance

In addition to meeting the minimum contribution and investment criteria, applicants must maintain healthcare insurance and produce a clean criminal record, birth and marriage certificates and a medical certificate of good health

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€650,000 donation to government for the main applicant, €25,000 for your spouse and each child under 18, and €50,000 for each additional dependent

And a €150,000 investment in government bonds

And a €350,000 property acquisition or property rental for €16,000 annually for 5 years

1.0 to 1.5 years to citizenship for the applicant, spouse, both sets of parents and children under 26

165 countries to travel to visa free

27 EU countries to settle in benefit from reduced education and healthcare costs and participate in business opportunities

No language requirements dual citizenship is allowed and foreign earned income is not taxed unless remitted in Malta

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