Citizenship by Investment in Bulgaria

Bulgaria’s Citizenship by Investment Program is one of the most cost-effective programs in the EU, offering the most affordable route to obtaining EU citizenship

Investors and their immediate families can obtain Bulgarian citizenship in just two and a half years through the acquisition of Bulgarian government bonds worth at least €1,024,000. If they invest in government bonds for at least €512,000, citizenship can be granted in is little as five years. Investors can also include their spouse and any children under the age of 18 on the application.

What makes the program practical is that investors needn’t make the decision to take the 2.5-year path at the outset; they can wait to make that decision one year after their permanent residency has been granted. This feature enables investors to split the €1,024,000 investment in government bonds into two separate installments: €512,000 at initiation and €512,000 one year after receiving the permanent residence.

The program is particularly attractive because there is no physical residence or language requirement. In addition, Bulgarian nationals are afforded all the rights and privileges of other EU member states, including access to broad benefits and freedom of settlement anywhere in the EU. In addition, nationals can travel visa-free to nearly 155 countries including Canada starting December 2017. Another benefit to becoming a Bulgarian national is that investors can obtain residency in the United States through the E-2 Investor Visa treaty.

Sununu has developed a unique lending program which enables investors to acquire the government bonds with financing and includes all processing, legal and transaction costs related to the application. Want to learn more? Contact us to find out.

Bulgaria citizenship mobility map: Primary residence in Bulgaria, Right to settle in the European Union, and Visa-free travel to many other countries.

Bulgarian programrequirementsat a glance

In addition to meeting the minimum investment criteria, applicants must maintain adequate healthcare insurance and produce a clean criminal record, birth and marriage certificates

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5 years to citizenship through a €512,000 acquisition of government bonds

Or a 2.5 year route to citizenship through a €1,024,000 investment in government bonds

155 countries to travel to visa free

Children under 18 included together with your spouse

Settle in any of the 27 EU countries benefit from reduced education and healthcare costs and participate in business opportunities

Reside in the United States once you become a Bulgarian citizen through the E-2 Investor visa treaty

No language requirement no physical presence requirement, dual citizenship is allowed and foreign earned income is not taxed


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