Germany’s Long-Term Residence Permit

Germany offers investors and their families long-term residence permits, provided investors establishes a business in Germany that is considered to be of economic interest to the country.

While no specific minimum level of capital investment is established by regulators, Sununu recommends capitalizing a business with at least €500,000, and investors may choose to form their business with assets such as cash, listed securities, local real estate or commodities. Furthermore, investors must demonstrate to the regulators that the underlying business model is sustainable.

The process of obtaining the long-term residency can take up to eight months and is determined on a case by case basis. However, the investor is not required to deploy any capital until preliminary approval has been granted by the authorities based on the viability of the business plan.

Once residency is granted, investors are not required to adhere to a rigid physical presence schedule to maintain their status. After three years of obtaining long-term residence, investors and their families can apply for permanent residence and ultimately citizenship following five years of permanent residency provided they demonstrate a command of German and meet minimum physical presence requirements.

Sununu offers a full-service solution which includes providing legal advice, assistance with the development of a business plan and strategy, and access to German capital markets through its network of banking partners.

Germany residency mobility map: Primary residence in Germany, Visa-free travel across the Schengen area.

German programrequirementsat a glance

In addition to presenting a viable business plan and capitalizing it adequately, applicants must demonstrate involvement with their business on the ground, maintain healthcare insurance and produce a clean criminal record, birth and marriage certificates

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€500,000 investment in a sustainable
business model

Children under 18 included together with
your spouse

8 months to residency for the applicant
and dependents

Access the Schengen area without the need for a visa

3 years to permanent residence for the applicant and dependents provided that language and physical presence criteria are met

Route to naturalization following five years of permanent residence if certain conditions are met

Access broad benefits including healthcare, education, business and banking

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