US EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program

The United States of America offers investors and their families long-term residence permits through the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program

Investors can either elect to passively invest $500,000 in a Regional Center that has been approved by the United States Citizenship and immigration Service (USCIS), or they can establish an actively managed business for at least $500,000 in a targeted commercial area (this includes all rural areas, or areas with unemployment rates exceeding 150% of the national average). Alternatively, investors can establish a business wherever they like with a minimum investment of at least $1,000,000.

In all cases, at least 10 US workers must become direct employees of the company, which is why most investors find investing in a Regional Center more attractive as it enables them to participate passively and shoulders the burden of meeting the necessary requirements.

Investors should be aware that obtaining conditional permanent residence can take up to 24 months and entails an in-depth due diligence exercise by the US government. However, the investor is not required to deploy any capital until approval has been granted. Investors can also apply for Permanent Residence following 2 years of conditional permanent residence status. While the benefits of obtaining a permanent residence in the United States are vast (chief among them being the potential for naturalization), investors should analyze tax implications prior to making the decision.

Sununu offers a full-service solution which includes providing legal advice, assistance with the development of a business plan and strategy where necessary and access to USCIS approved Regional Centers.

USA residency mobility map: Primary residence in USA, Visa-free travel to Canada, Mexico, and other nearby countries.

EB-5 programrequirementsat a glance

In addition to meeting the minimum investment criteria, applicants must maintain adequate healthcare insurance, produce a clean criminal record, birth and marriage certificates and expect a rigorous due diligence process with government

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$500,000 investment in a Regional Center approved by the USCIS

Or a $1,000,000 investment in an enterprise that employs at least 10 qualified US workers

Children under 21 and the investor’s spouse are included in the application

Route to permanent residence if certain conditions are met two years after EB-5 has been granted

Route to naturalization following permanent residence if certain conditions are met

Access broad benefits including mature capital markets, education, healthcare and much more

Up to 24 months to residency expected processing time in certain cases

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