Latvia’s Equity Investor Program

Latvia’s Equity Investor Program provides an affordable route to residency that comes with broad benefits and access to one of the fastest growing economies in the EU

Latvia’s Equity Investor Program enables investors and their families to obtain residency in as little as five months by investing at least €50,000 in an enterprise and making a one-time contribution of €10,000 to the country’s state budget.

The program provides exceptional benefits, including long-term residency, visa-free travel throughout the Schengen area, and access to an advanced healthcare system and excellent education. However, the government does require the newly formed entity to generate a minimum annual tax of €40,000 for investors to maintain their residency status.

In order to ease this tax burden, Sununu has formed co-investment enterprises to allow investors to contribute the minimum required equity without having to be concerned about annual taxes. Investors can thereby obtain long-term residency for themselves and their families by simply making the minimum equity investment and one-time contribution.

Sununu’s full service solution includes legal advice, assistance with the investment, and financing through its network of banking partners. Contact us to learn more about Latvia’s Equity Investor Program.

Latvia residency mobility map: Primary residence in Latvia, Visa-free travel across the Schengen area.

Latvia’s programrequirementsat a glance

In addition to meeting the investment and contribution criteria, applicants must maintain healthcare insurance and produce a clean criminal record, birth and marriage certificates and demonstrate adequate funds and means of subsistence

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€50,000 investment in an established business and a one-time government contribution of €10,000

Children under 18 included together with your spouse

1 to 5 months to residency for the applicant and dependents

Visit the Schengen area without the need for a visa

No language requirement or physical presence requirement and foreign earned income is not taxed

Access broad benefits including, education, banking and work permission

Route to permanent residence and naturalization provided minimum language and physical presence requirements are met

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